Thursday, May 15, 2014

Having ink smears problem with your HP OfficeJet Pro X451dn? This digital inkjet printer is merely designed to deliver high quality printing resolution at speed the same as the ones that color laser printers have. This printer for example can print up to 55 pages per minute at 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. And thanks to its printer cartridges, the HP 970XL, 971XL ink cartridges: HP CN625AM, HP CN626AM, HP CN627AM and HP CN628AM, it can produce professional looking prints at 50% less of its printing costs.

However, what will you do if this printer of yours starting to produce printouts with ink smears? Well, this article will provide you with the perfect solution on how to fix this problem. You see, an overfilled paper tray usually cause a paper jam which in return can also cause a fragment of paper to be stuck in the printer. These problems can affect print quality and can cause ink smearing.

To fix the paper jam in the paper path of your HP OfficeJet Pro X451dn, here are the steps you should follow:

Clear jams in Tray 1
  1. If the jammed sheet is visible and easily accessible in Tray 1, pull it from Tray 1.
  2. The jammed sheet may also be accessible by removing Tray 2 and removing the jammed sheet by pulling it to the right and then out of the product.
  3. If the jammed sheet is not visible or easily accessible in Tray 1, open the left door to access the jammed sheet.
  4. If the paper is still not visible or accessible, remove the duplexer by pulling it out with both hands. Set the duplexer aside, upright, on a piece of paper to prevent ink spills.
  5. Lower the platen by pressing down on the green tab. This will cause the product to try to feed the sheet through the print zone. You may need to gently pull on the sheet if it does not feed. Remove the sheet.
  6. Lift the green tab to place the platen back into its operating position.
  7. Reinstall the duplexer.
  8. Close the left door.

Clear jams in Tray 2
  1. Open Tray 2 by pulling it out and releasing the latch at the rear left of the tray.
  2. Remove the jammed sheet by pulling it to the right and then out of the product.
  3. Close Tray 2.
Clear jams in optional Tray 3
  1. Open Tray 3.
  2. Remove the jammed sheet by pulling it to the right and then out of the product.
  3. If the jam cannot be cleared at the tray, try clearing the jam from the Tray 3 left door.
  4. Close Tray 3.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

HP Officejet Pro X476dn Multifunction Printer is a PageWide Technology Multifunction Printer that prints professional high-quality color at twice the speed and half the cost per page of color laser printers through its HP PageWide Technology, ideal to help workgroups thrive with versatile functions and easy manageability. It produces professional prints with its HP inkjet cartridges, HP 970XL, 971XL inkjet cartridges: HP CN625AM, HP CN626AM, HP CN627AM and HP CN628AM, and can let you save up to 50% on printing costs.

If you’re experiencing print quality problems such as streaked or faded prints, prints without black or other colors, prints with blurred or fuzzy text, prints with ink streaks or smears printouts, then here are the solutions on how you can resolve these problems.

Solution 1 – Check the paper
  • Load the paper print side up in the input tray. Many papers have printing and nonprinting sides, like photo paper and other special media. Usually, the smoother side is the “print side,” and sometimes the non-print side has a logo of the paper manufacturer on it.
  • Do not use wrinkled or curled paper. Load only clean, wrinkle-free paper into the product.
  • Use the correct paper type for your project.
  • Store photo paper in its original packaging inside a re-sealable plastic bag. Store the paper on a flat surface in a cool, dry place. Load 10-20 sheets of photo paper only when you are ready to print, and then put the unused paper back in the packaging.
  • Try using a different paper. This will determine if the problem is related to the paper.
Solution 2 - Check the Print Quality Settings

  1. Open the Print dialog box in the software program you are trying to print from.
  2. Select your product, and then click Properties. The printer Properties dialog box opens.
  3. Choose the correct tab to find the settings.
  4. Review the following options, and then make any necessary changes.
  5. Click OK, and then click OK again to start the print job.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Printers with time-saving features typically find their home mostly in business and office environments. While personal users on the other hand would demand for a factor called convenience as we are often on-the-go. Hence a printing buddy that can cope with our everyday hectic living is a must. But not all printers can offer both worlds, and if there’s one or two existing, it would definitely break your bank.

HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color M451DN Printer Comes with Manageability and Mobility
Now what we would like to offer here is the features of HP’s LaserJet Pro 400 Color M451DN printer. For the introduction, let’s just say it can do duplexing, network-printing, comes with a decent speed and low cost-per-page. It isn't a multifunction machine like you would have expected, albeit it’s worth to include on your list of home office printers.

One time-saving feature of this machine is its print speed which can reach at up to 21 pages per minute (Letter and Legal sheets). Whether it’s a color or just plain black&white text document, it can give you smooth and clear outputs enough to consider it good for business use. Well, we should thank Hewlett-Packard for their specially formulated toners inside this machine’s consumables such as the HP 305A laser toner cartridges (included upon purchasing the unit). When it comes to replacements HP SureSupply can give you a real good helping hand right from selecting to ordering supplies.

What we love about the HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color M451DN is its conservative features such as Auto-On/Off technology coupled with the manufacturer’s very own Instant-On technology. With these two great resource-conserving features, users can save energy or at least reduce its consumption compared to conventional machines. On a side note, let’s not forget to return our used supplies such as the cartridges through HP Planet Partners.

Additional specifications include a monthly duty cycle of 40,000 pages and a recommended page-volume of 750-2000 pages. Let’s talk about more of the page-related stuffs here like media handling, well there’s a handling input capacity of 300 sheets split between a 50-sheet multipurpose and 250-sheet standard trays. Duplexing or double-sided printing is automatic which is very convenient.

Noteworthy features such as HP ePrint and mobile printing capabilities would be more exceptional if you upgrade the unit by purchasing eh optional wireless interface. Though if you’re fine with the basic USB port and fast Ethernet duo, then we don’t have anything to argue here. For additional information you can visit this page to learn more.
Using an HP laser printer that is under the HP Color LaserJet CP2020 and HP Color LaserJet CP2025 Series and want to attain the highest quality printouts, these products has sophisticated tools to help you with these adjustments. First and foremost, HP Color LaserJet CP2020 and HP Color LaserJet CP2025 printers use replacement printer cartridges, HP 304A toner cartridges: HP CC530A black toner, HP CC531A cyan toner, HP CC532A magenta toner and HP CC533A yellow toner.

Here are the following tools:
  • HP ColorSphere Toner – HP had designed the print system to work together to optimize print quality, product reliability, and user productivity. The HP ColorSphere toner that is specifically matched to your printer so that it will produce a wide range of brilliant colors and will help you create professional looking documents that contain sharp, clear text and graphics and realistic printed photos. HP ColorSphere toner produces print-quality consistency and intensity you can depend on across a wide range of papers.
  • HP ImageREt 3600 - provides 3600 dots-per-inch (dpi) color laser-class quality through a multi-
    level printing process which controls color by mixing up to four colors within a single dot thus varying the amount of toner in a given area. This provides printer users offer trapping technologies, greater control over dot placement, and more precise control of toner quality in a dot, coupled with HP's multi-level printing process, result in a 600 x 600 dpi printer that provides 3600-dpi color laser-class quality with millions of smooth colors.
  • Media Selection – to attain the best color and professional-looking quality, you must use the appropriate paper type.
  • Color Options - is a setting that provides optimal color output. It is used for object tagging, which provides optimal color and halftone settings for different objects (text, graphics, and photos) on a page. This tool lets the printer driver determines which objects appear on a page and uses halftone and color settings that provide the best print quality for each object.
  • Standard red-green-blue (sRGB) – is the worldwide color standard that HP and Microsoft developed as a common color language for monitors, input devices and output devices. This is the default color space used by HP printers, Microsoft operating systems, the World Wide Web, and most office software. The sRGB standard improves your ability to match colors between the product, the computer monitor, and other input devices automatically, and eliminates the need to become a color expert.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Before we go to the details about the supplies for Brother MFC-9840CDW, first let’s know something this color laser printer. Well, it’s a discontinued model to begin with so probably you wouldn’t get interested knowing its features. Basically, its most highlighted features include automatic duplexing and wireless functionality. Yes, it is capable of receiving print tasks over a wireless network via its WiFi interface. Printing on both sides of a page is something it can do easily and conveniently. It also comes with an automatic document feeder, plus a legal size document glass flatbed scanner.

The MFC-9840CDW offers a versatile paper handling support with its adjustable input trays. It comes standard with a 250-sheet capacity tray for letter and legal sizes. Then there’s also a 50-sheet multipurpose tray for non-standard media including envelopes and cardstock. Users may actually increase the capacity by up to 800 sheets considering they added the secondary 500-sheet tray.

Replacements for Brother MFC-9840CDW Color Laser Printer
Convenience is a factor that most of us users would certainly appreciate. In terms of accessibility, a PictBridge port allows you to print PDF and JPEG files from or to USB flash drives, as well as some supported digital camera. Users can conveniently send faxes, print or scan both wired and wirelessly through the installed interfaces including USB and Ethernet ports.

Now we go to its consumables, its manufacturer touted the products as high capacity replacement toners particularly the Brother TN115 toner cartridges. Of course laser printers wouldn’t work with a set of cartridge alone, it also needs the imaging drum with model number of DR-110CL unit.

Cartridge/Drum Model
Page-Yield Capacity
Brother TN115 Toner Cartridges (CYMK)
Black 5000 pages – Color 4000 pages
Brother DR-110CL Drum Unit (CYMK)
17,500 pages

It’s not that we can’t provide you prices, but rather we opt not to. There are many retailers online including Brother’s official product page that sell this printer supplies at varying prices. What we can suggest is that you research any local retailer near you, if there’s any, and ask them for the prices of these products. You may also consider purchasing online, but you got to make sure they can provide you free shipping and considerable discounts if you buy sets or in bulk. That’s typically a strategy they use to make their customers purchase in large amounts while giving price offs in return.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Most laser printers require two types of consumables particular the cartridge and drum. Although there are some machines that can work even with just the toner tank alone, and without the imaging unit. Conventionally, laserjet units are using a pair of replacements as mentioned earlier. It just so happen that some were able to operate with a consumable that is designed to serve as the cartridge and drum in one.

Toner Cartridges and Imaging Drums Are Essential To Laser Printers
Let’s take two consumables from Brother as an example. A black TN210 laser toner cartridge won’t work without its corresponding black DR210CL imaging drum unit right? Well if you’re not aware, then yes it won’t work well without its pair. Actually, the TN210 cartridge is a set of four color toners such as black, cyan, yellow and magenta. Hence, there are also four drum units that you have to purchase but as often as you need to install new toners. Basically, you only replace an item once it is already consumed or empty. It isn’t necessary to remove even the ones in good condition and install new replacements. Anyway the point here is that each color toner should have a pair of imaging unit. If it’s a monochrome printer then it only needs a single pair, while a color laserjet requires four pairs.

Here are the product specifications or details about these two replacements, just so you know:

TN210 Cartridges – Can yield up to 2200 (black) and 1400 (color) pages, these are standard capacity toners. 
DR210CL Drums – Each yields up to 15,000 pages per drum unit, should be purchased separately.

Can you see the difference of their page capacities? That’s actually the reason why it is not a requirement to replace the drum of a toner cartridge that is empty. Once a cartridge runs out of toner, as long as the imaging drum can still last for a couple of prints and it still hasn’t reached its limit, there’s no need to replace it. You see the relationship between these two consumables isn’t that too complicated to understand.

Even other printer brand manufacturers use the same technology with their laser units. LED types on the other hand may not use laser lights to create images, yet still they require cartridges and drums.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Regardless of output quality and printing technology, we have chosen three multifunction printers that can give you the same set of features especially wireless printing. We may discuss a comparison of their prices to help you think which among these three is probably the most considerable. Let’s introduce them first, the MFC-9130CW, MFC-9330CDW and MFC-9340CDW. Have you noticed they all came from Brother, and only one of them doesn’t have duplex support?

LED-Based Printers from Brother: MFC-9130CW, MFC-9330CDW and MFC-9340CDW
Upon looking at their prices in Amazon, two of them actually have the same range, while the third model is a little costly. Considering that MFC-9130CW can’t do duplexing, how come it is priced similarly with MFC-9330CDW that has a duplexer. Now if you will be asking why the other one is pricier than those two, it is because it comes with Cloud and Mobile printing support. But seriously, these three can are compatible with Apple AirPrint, iPrint&Scan, Google Cloud Print and Cortado WorkPlace. So basically mobile printing is supported in any models. Isn’t quite confusing?

Their paper capacities are all limited to a standard 250-sheet tray with no additional paper handling options. Even with the interfaces, a USB port, fast Ethernet, and WiFi, these are all available in any of the said models.

Here’s another factor, their printing speed isn’t that much of a feature that makes the issue here, but we might as well tackle it. The MFC-9330CDW and MFC-9340CDW is rated with a printing speed of 23 pages per minute, while the remaining one prints at up to 19 pages per minute. We can’t conduct tests here, honestly we don’t have the tools to do such thing. However, if you’re really eager to know their average speed, you can check some review sites like CNET and PCMAG for additional details.

So now we go to printing supplies, since they’re also part of the overall expense a user accumulates when maintaining a printer. Basically, these three works with the same replacements such as the Brother TN221 color toner cartridges, no drums since they’re LED printers. Did we already mention that these are LED-based color printers? It may sound fancy but the market says these types of machines are fully capable of providing better printing solution than their equivalent laser printers.

Their looks are evenly equal, except for the front USB port found in MFC-9340CDW and MFC-9330CDW. We didn’t mentioned any prices since it may only add to the greater confusion that we are having right now with regards to these three printers. But if you want to learn more about them and see what makes them different from each other, it’s better to get more details from other sources.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Compact color laser printers like the Brother MFC-9560CDW are mostly preferred by many for reasons such as wireless printing, duplexing and good speed. Added the fact that it saves much space in the office for its small build, it can simply share a space on desk. If you particularly want a laser unit that supports WiFi connectivity, this model is probably a good catch.

Brother MFC-9560CDW Compact Color Laser Printer
One of its main weaknesses is poor color print quality, which is basically considerable when talking about a laser type printer. But there are also these great features that you need to know about the MFC-9560CDW. A sweep-back front panel accommodates a nice tilt which lets users navigate the unit in a pretty much comfortable manner. The LCD isn’t a colored one but nonetheless useful, keypads, directional controller, function specific buttons are some of what you’ll see from the panel.

Its duplexer is a 35-page automatic document feeder which lets user do print, copy or fax multipage or two-sided documents. Faxing is a functionality that can work either with or without a computer. The unit’s maximum media capacity is split between a 250-sheet main input tray and its supplementary 50-sheet multipurpose tray. Should you need additional space to load more papers, there’s an optional 500-sheet tray at about $250 or less.

It is acceptable that with a color laser printer, photo quality is somehow expected at below average. However, with the Brother MFC-9560CDW it is compensated by the unit’s low cost-per-page and inexpensive supplies such as Brother TN315 color toner cartridges which is its very essential need. Text quality is perfectly fine, and that is something you shouldn’t be surprised of for a laser printer.

The main feature that perhaps most users would have thought of to consider this printer is its wireless printing capability. Though it lacks a memory card slot, still users can print certain files directly from their USB drives without the need for a computer. It would be better if they equipped it with a colored screen instead of a monochrome, to allow flexible printing options.

To those who are thinking if it’s similar with the MFC-9650CDN well actually they only differ in one single feature, and that is wireless connectivity. Ethernet and USB interfaces are also present but of course who would have used it if there’s WiFi to make things easier.

If color printing is not an essential requirement to your business, this Brother MFC-9560CDW color laser printer should be part of your shortlist.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HP LaserJet Enterprise 700 Printer M712 is a high-volume black-and-white laser printer print up to 40 HP CF214A (HP 14A) Black Laser Toner Cartridge and HP CF214X (HP 14X) Black High Capacity Laser Toner Cartridge. The HP CF214A (HP 14A) Black Laser Toner Cartridge delivers a printing page yield of up to  1,500 pages at 5% coverage and the HP CF214X (HP 14X) Black High Capacity Laser Toner Cartridge produces a higher printing capacity of up to 2,500 pages at 5% coverage.
pages per minute and can deliver its first page out as fast as 10.5 seconds. It has a high printing resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and a high printing resolution of 100,000 pages, which supports Print Languages such as HP PCL 6, HP PCL 5e, HP Postscript 3 emulation and native PDF printing (v 1.4). It works with replacement printer cartridges,

If you’re having a problem regarding these print cartridges, then this article will provide you with the basic troubleshooting procedures that will help you to fix your problem. The following instructions and procedures are from HP’s own Support Website:

Printing When the Toner Cartridge is at Estimated End of Life

Once the toner cartridge is about to reach its limit, one of these two error message will pop out from your screen:
  • <Supply> Low - This message displays when a supply is nearing the estimated end of its useful life.
  • <Supply> Very Low - This message displays when a supply is at its estimated end of useful life. Print-quality problems can occur when using a supply that is at its estimated end of life.

When the error message that popped out is prompting you that the toner level is “low”, you can still continue printing by ignoring the error message or redistributing the toner powder inside the cartridge by taking it out of the printer and gently shaking it for a few times.

Check the Econo-Mode Setting

Econo-Mode when activated will turn your printouts lighter due to the fact that it orders your printer to use the minimal amount of toner powder in printing documents. To turn off the EconoMode, follow these steps:
  • Step 1 - From the software program, select the Print option.
  • Step 2 - Select the product, and then click the Properties or Preferences button.
  • Step 3 - Click the Paper/Quality tab, and locate the Print Quality area.
  • Step 4 - If the entire page is too dark, use these settings: (1) Select the 600 dpi option. (2) Select the EconoMode check box to enable it.
  • Step 5 - If the entire page is too light, use these settings: (1) Select the FastRes 1200 option. (2) Clear the EconoMode check box to disable it.
  • Step 6 - Click the OK button to close the Document Properties dialog box. In the Print dialog, click the OK button to print the job.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M127fw is a multifunction or all-in-one digital laser printer with printing, scanning, copying and faxing functions that delivers up to 21 pages per minute and has a monthly duty cycle of up to 8,000 pages per month. It also has a normal printing resolution of up to 600 x 400 and an input-sensor printing resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. It prints using HP laser toner cartridges, HP CF283A (HP 83A) Black Laser Toner Cartridge or HP CF283X (HP 83X) Black High Capacity Laser Toner Cartridge. This printer’s versatility is also proven through its advanced connectivity features that include Ethernet, USB and of course, Wireless printing functions. And for today’s article, we’re going to give the following steps on how one can use the HP Wireless Direct Printing with your HP LaserJet Pro MFP M127fw which some users are having a problem with. The instructions below are provided by HP Official Site to help users easily handle their device:

How to HP Wireless Direct with HP LaserJet Pro MFP M127fw
  • Step 1 On the printer control panel, press the Power button to turn on the HP LaserJet Pro MFP
  • Step 2 – Touch the Wireless icon.
  • Step 3 – Touch Wireless Menu, and then touch Wireless Direct Settings.
  • Step 4 Touch On/Off, and then touch On. The Security menu opens.
  • Step 5 – Select a security option: Touch On. Then touch OK if you want to use a pre-assigned passphrase to connect. Note the passphrase, and then touch OK or touch Edit if you want to use your own passphrase to connect. In the Enter passphrase field, enter your passphrase using the number keypad, note the passphrase, and then touch OK. After that touch Off if you do not want to require a password to connect.
  • Step 6 – Touch Name (SSID), note the display name, and then press OK.
  • Step 7 – Press the Home button to return the main menu.

On the other hand, if you’re printing from an Apple device or Android device, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 - From your Apple mobile device, tap Settings.
  • Step 2 - Tap Wi-Fi, and then tap the Wi-Fi toggle to On, if it is currently off. A list of wireless networks displays.
  • Step 3 - From the list of available networks, tap the name of the HP wireless direct printer.
  • Step 4 - If prompted, enter the HP wireless direct password.

  • Step 1 - From the Settings menu on your Android device, turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Step 2 - From the list of available networks, tap the HP wireless direct printer name, and then tap Connect.

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