Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Have you been experiencing printing problems with your Brother HL-3170CDW printer? Specifically with regards to its networking features? The problem might be caused by improper setup connection or maybe not. There’s a also a possibility that the supplies, particularly Brother TN221 toner cartridges, or the drum units are empty or damaged which affects the delays in printing. If your printer is connected to a network via wired option, maybe we can try to fix the problem through the steps provided below.

Double Check the Connection

If it needs to remove the cables and reconnect them back, then do it. Sometimes, due to complex connections, errors and failures arise and we find it hard to determine the root cause as we can’t track the point where to start. To troubleshoot the specific machine that needs to be fix, it’s best to spare it from all the other computers connected to the same wired network.

Test the Router

Make a test, connect the printer and the computer directly to the router, and then restart both units. You may also restart the router if you want, but actually there’s no need to. Also, try to disable the firewall settings from your computer before making a test print. Temporarily, firewalls and any other network restricting software should be disabled when performing this test.

Use Brother Utility Tool

Additionally, Brother developed a utility tool which users can use to assist them in the process or steps of restoring the machine to its proper settings. Through using the said tool, with less human intervention with the printer, the tool itself can automatically locate and of course update as well your printer’s own IP Address. Once it is updated, the chance to restore your machine from working back to normal may reach a hundred percent.

The same problem may occur when using your printer to print via wireless network, given that it is connected to a computer. What you can do is turn the wireless hub OFF (disable it’s function) and connect the cable of the printer directly to the router instead. Don’t confuse yourself, remember that there are two routers present in a setup, the one that is connected to the service provider and the other one which provides wireless signals and that is connected to the router. So basically, the arrangement goes like this, Internet – Router – Wireless Router.

Try printing via wired network and see if printing is now possible. If it did print, there must a problem with the wireless router you’re using. Or, there might be some signal interruption between the printer and the wireless router.


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