Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello everyone! I'm Denise Rasalan an IT blogger, Online Marketer and  a Printing Business Owner. I graduated in one of the universities in Makati City, Philippines as an Information Technology. In part of my community service I decided to create a blog that focus in different aspects of computer hardware and software that is related in printing services and technologies.

The write-ups will be aiming on providing quality source of information about printing and other related topics. Great Prints can help in dealing with your computer hardware, software and other printing technology problems. This blog will provide latest updates, news, guides, tips and more, from the oldest to the latest printing technologies that we have.

You can help me make this blog better and very useful to everyone, you can send comments, suggestions and guest post. But make sure that you will only give useful, reliable and good quality of information.

Thanks for dropping by! Here is your Free Toner Boss Coupons and Free shipping of laser toner cartridges. These coupons and free services are applicable only on, it is one of my trusted sites and product suppliers.

* Free product shipping is only available on United States purchases via UPS Ground only. It does not include other products such as OEM and MSE.



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